Personal Injury

After a serious car accident, or a fall on a poorly maintained property, you have a lot of things with which to contend.  Doctor visits, time needed off from work, medical bills, and perhaps the physical inability to be independent.  In one instant your life can be changed forever.  To top it off, you may find yourself a little out of your depth.  Who do you trust?  What steps are the first to take when you deserve to be compensated?

Personal Injury Professionals

Many of our clients have observed that insurance companies seem to have no problem collecting insurance premiums, but when it comes to paying out, it’s a completely different story.  Then you add in their lawyers who support the claims adjustors and insult is literally added to injury, as their sole purpose appears to be to keep the money owed to you on their side of the balance sheet.

Fighting Fire with Fire

Without a law degree and knowledge about how personal injury lawsuits work, you are at a disadvantage from the beginning.  This is not your area of expertise, but your challenging situation is made only worse by people using terminology you don’t understand and telling you what you need to do.  When you find yourself in such an unfortunate circumstance, you need an advocate; someone who will literally fight for your rights and work the process to get you the compensation to which you are entitled.

Your Personal Injury Case

  • A comprehensive assessment of the extent of your injuries and their impact on your life will determine the true value of your personal injury claim.
  • Inclusive documentation of monies paid out of pocket and loss of income are also factored into the full assessment of the case’s merits; whether we represent you out of court or in front of a jury.
  • When faced with your own physical injuries or those sustained by someone you love, you need a professional who will make the process easy and the representation of your case a solid one.