Areas of Practice

Courtroom JusticeWe don’t think any company can truly be all things to all people. By focusing solely on our areas of expertise we are able to remain current on legislation and everything that may impact our clients. We believe our job is to partner with our clients to offer support, guidance, and freedom from fear of the unknown.


This industry in particular has become extremely complex due to the failure of the market itself and from the subsequent damage it has caused to homeowners. A large majority of us have been left owing more on our homes than they are worth. Although we hope the real estate market will eventually correct itself, many homeowners must realize that they may never again recoup the equity they once had in their homes. Other factors may play a role in deciding whether you can, or should, keep your home including, but not limited to: a loss of income, recent divorce or an increase in mortgage payment due to an adjustable interest rate.

We provide the assurance that your best interests will be represented in these challenging times. In order to do so, we feel it is imperative to listen to your needs, concerns, and preferences. From exploring options in keeping your home (including but not limited to loan modifications, refinance) to other options available in disposing of your home (including but not limited to short sales, strategic foreclosure defense, and/or a deed in lieu of foreclosure) our office is in your corner. Our ultimate objective is to carefully listen to each client’s individual needs and find a solution for them that will best protect their interests.

Mr. Surber is an agent with Attorneys Title Insurance Fund and concentrates heavily on conducting residential and commercial real estate closings, representing buyers or sellers, real estate and property litigation, evictions and other landlord/tenant matters.

  • Short Sales and Foreclosure Alternatives
  • Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure
  • Foreclosure Defense
  • Title Insurance
  • Residential Closing Coordination


Personal injury cases are never things for which you can plan ahead. Car accidents, motorcycle crashes, slip and fall mishaps; they happen in a life-changing millisecond. As you navigate through the physical recovery process, we’ll plan your legal strategy so that you and your family have the best chance to recoup any possible financial losses caused by your injuries.

Unfortunately, people can be taken advantage of when they are the most vulnerable. Whether you have personally suffered an injury due to someone else’s negligence or are trying to cope with the hospital bills and convalescence of a loved one, our role is to do everything legally possible to represent you and your best interests.


Mr. Surber offers a free thirty (30) minute consultation, wherein he will listen carefully to your specific needs. He takes pride in offering sound, legal advice in a way that clients can fully understand and appreciate. This dynamic is essential to establishing the professional relationship we form with our clients. We’ve built our business and reputation on taking them personally.